It is an environmental catastrophe of our own making

We produce over 300 million tonnes of plastic every year

Equivalent to the combined weight of all the adult humans on earth

Nearly half of this we use just once then throw it away

Environmental Impact

“There is no ‘away’ because plastic is so permanent and so indestructible.

When you cast it into the ocean … it does not go away”

Sir David Attenborough

Human Impact

“No blue no green.  No blue, no life”

Dr Sylvia Earle

Economic Impact




Plastic Oceans blue
Diver collecting plastic bottle
Rubbish left in public areas

Plastic Oceans is dedicated to protecting and improving the environment. Our main priority is the reduction and ultimately the eradication of plastic pollution from our lakes, rivers and oceans.

Plastic Pollution is a very recent man made catastrophe, but it is persistent, pervasive and pernicious.  Once it gets into the Oceans it is causing harm to the environment and ecosystems, damaging coastal economies and ultimately affecting human health

Through a three pillared approach the Foundation will provide a science base to support solutions, changes in legislation and policy. It will develop a worldwide integrated social media network and and ultimately engage local communities in bringing about a lasting change in attitudes.